Autumn in Latvia

When you suddenly remember that you have a blog ūüôā and a small pile of photos from October.

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And a Happy New Year

Hello everyone!

well…. so much for my intentions to post more often… New year’s intentions always go wrong.

So far, the world did not end, the 1st term exams are ahead, the gifts are prepared. So!

A Happy  New  Year

to You All!



Summer Mementos

Summer has travelled to warmer places and now we have our usual Latvian mix of autumn- winter-spring. Then again, our summers are pretty much the same.
Fortunately¬†or not, but I was lazy. So I still have some photos from this summer I haven’t posted yet.

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Long Long Time Ago, I can Sitll Remeber

Suddenly, I realised that my last post is over 3 months old!

‘Olga!’ I said to myself’how can you be so¬†irresponsible!’
and so, I’m here, writing this post.

well, not much has changed… Now I am a master programme¬†student¬† aaaand – it sucks! I like the programme and the fact that I don’t have to pay for the studies is even better! but somehow it still sucks.